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By oldhamdei76735407, Oct 21 2016 03:59PM

We’re now well into the new school year. Many students at colleges and universities have taken out loans in hopes of getting a degree that will lead to their dream job. In part two of our three part series on student loans we will discuss the ways available to cancel your student loan completely. If you missed our first installment about the different types of loans you can click here to read it.

Once you’ve begun payments, if you are finding it hard to make them every month, there are options available to you so that you don’t default on your loan. It’s important to act before you default however, which is usually nine months after you start to have trouble repaying.

If you are in default, loan cancellation is the best way to get out of default; however, you don’t have to be in default to be eligible. With a loan cancellation, not only will you eliminate the loan, but you’ll also get back any money that you paid and any money that was taken from you via wage garnishment or other collection methods. Loan cancellation is only available under certain specific circumstances.

-Closed School Cancellation If your school closed while you were enrolled or ninety days of you leaving, you are eligible to cancel all or a portion of your loan. Recently ITT Tech and some Miami Jacobs locations have been closed.

-Unpaid Refund Cancellation If you left school and the institution failed to pay you a refund you were owed, you are eligible to cancel all or a portion of your loan.

--False Certification Cancellation This cancellation is defined by any of these types of fraud:

-While enrolled in university, there was a state law that would have prevented you from getting a job in the profession you were being trained for

- If you did not have a high school diploma when you went to the school, they were responsible to make sure you could benefit from the program by issuing an exam to determine your placement. For example, if there were issues with the admissions process of this exam, such as the answers being given to you.

-If your name was forged on loan papers by the school.

-If you can show that the loan was issued due to a case of identity theft.

Only loans issued after January 1, 1986 are eligible for these cancellations.

If you are permanently and totally disabled you can cancel your loan. You must show that this condition prevents you from working in any field and that it will likely result in death or at least last indefinitely. To pursue this you must have your doctor fill out a form agreeing that you are disabled and have them send it to the loan holder. If the loan holder accepts it then they will send it to the Department of Education for further review. If they accept it you will be put on a three-year conditional discharge. During these three years the government will keep a watch on you and your finances to make sure you are really disabled and not able to make any money.

The final way to cancel your student loans is death. If you die your loans will not be passed on to your estate. This is also the case for PLUS loans if both parents die. However, that is only the case for government loans. If your loans are private they will become part of your estate if you pass away.

Look for part three of our series where we tell you how to make sure you don’t default on your loans and give you some options should that happen. If you need help with your loans you can contact the Department of Education either online or you can call. You can submit your problems online at or call 877-557-2575.

By oldhamdei76735407, Oct 21 2016 03:55PM

When the singer Prince passed away in April he left a tricky situation with his nearly $300 million estate: months have passed since his death and no will has been found. Despite having numerous attorneys he didn't have an estate attorney and didn't consider what would happen to upon his death. Since no will was found the court appointed a trust company to handle the estate.

Several people have come forward claiming to be Prince's children from unmarried affairs since his death. If one of more of them can establish parentage they will receive the entire estate. Otherwise it will be split amongst Prince's sister Tyka Nelson, and at least five half-siblings: John, Norrine and Sharon Nelson, Alfred Jackson, and Omarr Baker. According to Minnesota law, half-siblings are treated like full siblings in the court system. According to Tyka, “I think we’re now finally on the last leg. We’re finally through the 195,000 people that said they’re related. We’ve got one of the employees that was a half-brother to some of my half-siblings, once we work that part out, I think we’re there. So, I’ll be happy.”

The family has decided that they will turn Prince’s home into a museum, set to open in December after a limited preview in early October. They will also remix and release his unreleased music as soon as possible. Since there was no will they have the ability to release the songs even if he didn’t want them released. No figures have been released yet as to how much money has been spent by the estate just to get to this point.

If you don't have a will, it's up to the probate court to determine who will administer your estate; who is appointed as guardian to your children; and to whom your estate assets will be distributed. While many of these decisions are determined by statute, this seldom ends in a result that you would have chosen had your estate plan, with a will or trust, been in place. Contact us at Oldham & Deitering to discuss your estate and will at 937-898-7673.

By oldhamdei76735407, Oct 21 2016 03:51PM

Have you ever wanted to walk, run, or ride your bike from Maine to Florida? If so, you may be able to do that in the next few years. East Coast Greenway Alliance is the non-profit organization behind the project that will connect Calais, Maine to Key West, Florida, a 2,900 mile stretch. The paved greenway will pass through 25 major cities in 16 states and is designed to give people another, traffic free, option when traveling the country.

According to the East Coast Greenway Alliance’s website the “route has been chosen to provide the traveler with an ever-changing, interesting and scenic landscape, whether urban, suburban, small town, industrial or rural.”

The project, which the alliance has been working on since the early 1990’s, will provide access to public transport and points of interest along the route. It wasn’t until 2015 that the project started to make significant progress. The project is dependent on local development, giving each state or locality ownership over their section of the path. Separate pieces will then be connected to complete the greenway.

As of August, the greenway is one-third complete. Once finished, it will take about two months to travel the whole greenway, biking fifty miles a day. After the completion of the main path, the alliance plans to add complementary and branching routes to the project. The average male riding fifty miles a day for sixty days will expend an extra 775 calories a day, which equals thirteen pounds over the course of the greenway. You can follow the East Coast Greenway Alliance on Instagram at eastcoastgreenway.

By oldhamdei76735407, Oct 7 2016 02:03PM

There may come a time when you or a loved one begins to have difficulty getting around, and may consider purchasing a cane. Here are some things to consider when looking for a cane.

Do you need a cane for balance or support? If you just need help balancing, a single point cane will probably work best for you. However, if you're recovering from an injury, or just need a cane to help support you, a four tip cane may be the best option (also consider asking your doctors opinion).

The grip of your cane is a matter of personal preference, but a foam grip, or grip that's molded to fit your hand, are usually best. If you have trouble grasping with your fingers because or arthritis or joint pain, a larger grip may be a better solution. If you experience pain or numbness in your hands and fingers while using your cane you might want to consider purchasing one with a different grip.

Many canes are adjustable, but some are not. When checking for the fit of your cane your elbow should bend at a comfortable angle, about 15 degrees. You might bend your elbow slightly more if you're primarily using the cane for balance. With your arm hanging straight down at your side, the top of your cane should line up with the crease in your wrist. If your cane is too tall, it will take more effort to lift it, and if it's too short you could end up leaning, which can throw off your balance.

If you are using your cane for stability, you can use it in whichever hand is more comfortable. However, if you need it because of an injury it should always be held in the hand opposite of the leg that needs support. For example, if your knee pain is on your left side, you should use the cane in your right hand. The cane should then move forward as you step forward with the bad leg.

If you have to go up stairs, you should lead with the good leg. And when you go down stairs, you should put your cane on the step first and then step down with your bad leg.

Once you've purchased your cane, it'll be good to get in the habit of checking the tip. Much like the tread on car tires grips the road, the tip of your cane can help provide traction on most surfaces. Make sure the rubber tip is supple and the tread is in good shape. If the tip looks worn, buy a replacement tip at a pharmacy or medical supply store. You can buy canes at drugstores, discount retailers, medical supply stores and online, usually between $10 and $50. Medicare can sometimes cover canes with a written prescription from a physician.

By oldhamdei76735407, Sep 30 2016 04:06PM

Pit bulls often have a bad reputation. One pit bull, appropriately named Hero, has shown we should not to be so quick to judge. On July 22nd a man was assaulting a Georgia woman with a knife when seven-year-old Hero came to her rescue and separated the woman from her assailant. Unfortunately, Hero was stabbed several times and left for dead. When two responding officers saw him, they found an after hours vet and rushed him to a local animal hospital.

Carla Welch is the director of the pit bull rescue facility, Fighting for the Bullys. She heard about Hero on Facebook, and once she found out that he survived being stabbed five times she raised money to pay for his vet bill, which was discounted by the vet to reward Hero for his bravery. He lost almost all of his blood and died twice during surgery, but ended up surviving. Hero was placed for adoption, but until he found his forever home he recuperated with Carla in Knoxville at Fighting for the Bullys.

Hero spent most of his life on the street, but is believed to have once had a home due to the microchip found in him during the operation. Hero became available for adoption in early August, once his wounds had healed. Carla said that Hero is “very laid back, very sweet. He likes to talk to you. He’s going to make somebody a great companion. Hero will get his second chance. He will get a fantastic family, and he will finally get his happily ever after.”

About a month later Hero was adopted by the Simpson family. Of his adoption Carla said, “It’s very bittersweet today. We’re bonded already and I try not to, but with this boy you can’t help it. He’s very amazing. He has taken everything in stride. He’s healthy and awesome now. He loves everybody. He’s just a great boy.”

Sarah Simpson already has two other dogs. “I’m really excited to give someone who’s never had a home, a home, and I say someone because dogs to me are more than just dogs,” she said. “They’re people. They’re your family.”

This has been a great adventure with him, something I will never forget, and we’re going to miss him,” Carla said.

You can visit the Fighting for the Bullys website here:

If you’re feeling bullied about a legal situation, call Oldham and Deitering at 937-898-7673.

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